TedStine 2015

I was at Ted and Christine's (TedStine's) beautiful wedding in Virgina this weekend and wanted to share some pictures from the intensely sunny day on here rather than Facebook to maintain some semblance of quality.  I will probably cross-post a bit.  I've known Christine since 2002 when I was a freshman at Penn State and she was studying abroad in Leeds, England.  We became friends via AIM (what is that?!? So old!) until she returned to the States and we bonded instantly at our fraternity.  She graduated two years later and remained one of my very best friends while I finished up at Penn State then followed the exodus from PA to the greater DC area.  Toga, NYC, Jason Mraz, Hilary Duff, tailgates, Enchanted Forests, so many conventions, New Years traditions, house buyings.  So glad to be there for this part of her life!

Very little modifications done to these photos, mostly because I'm feeling lazy and need to get off to bed. 

Damn you Ted, open your eyes!

A little fuzzy, but Laura was having so much fun I had to post anyway!

This face was a very specific reaction to something...wish I could remember what!