Pittsburgh, Raging Colds and Half Marathons

I went to Pittsburgh for the weekend and all I got was this awful cold.  Doesn't that sound like it should be on a tee-shirt or something?  It is how I feel at the moment.  I haven't had a cold in about 5 years, something I am convinced is due to my bi-monthly trips to the chiropractor and which I am blaming on my neglect in foregoing for over a month.  It has been so long that I don't even know what to do to get over one.  Soup, rice milk ice cream and drugstore Airborne.  Plus 2 boxes of tissue and counting.  I have a scene from "My Boys" stuck in my head in which, upon finding out that Bobby can't get to her due to the snow, PJ exclaims "I'd rather be dead!".  Something about that outburst resonates right now.

So I can't blame this on Pittsburgh.  My dad was running in the half marathon on Sunday (and kicked some serious butt!) plus it's been 6 months since I have been home.  Perfect weather for the weekend and the race, at least for the half.  I heard stories of heat exhaustion from the marathon.  Mom and Josh and I strolled back and forth across downtown, along with the 100,000 other spectators, to cheer the runners on.  The entire time I was struck by how beautiful my hometown is.  Hills and valleys and rivers and GREEN.  Wherever I go everything is just.so.green.  It is like taking a deep breath of fresh air.  It is one of the things I miss the most about home and wish were the case in Baltimore.  The openness of Pittsburgh compared to the crowded streets of Charm City.  The chorus of birds outside the kitchen window versus the traffic and bar outside of mine.  I realize that Pittsburgh was not always so fresh and so green, and maybe there is hope for Baltimore as well.  By living here I am working to be a part of the movement to change the city.  But in the end I can't help but be homesick for the City of Bridges.  Looking out across the rivers I think "Is there a city in the world that is as beautiful??"
Dad and I ready for race time!
Where's Dan?  Can you find him?

I think I see him!

Another round of Where's Dan?!

Going in strong!

Station Square.

So beautiful!

We've got inclines :)

Oh beautiful city...