The Last 5%

3 years, 8 months.  11 months of working out of a truck and trailer, of breathing dust and concrete, of watching for green end up, of seeing finches and red tails and white tails and sunrises as a part of my daily routine.

Yes, we are in the last 5% of this race to complete - less than that.  The road opens in exactly 12 hours minus 18 minutes.  The past 3 and a half years of my life nearly dedicated to this project!  A highway is not a girl's dream job, but it has been remarkable what I have learned and seen.  While I can't wait to head back to the office and new projects and deadlines and people to work with, I have to reflect on all those days on site and those things that kept me going.

I'd like to share some of those things that the people racing along at 65 mph will never see or think about.  My world.

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