Turning on the Positive

I'm not going to talk about the frustrations of this week, the circles spun, the seemingly boundless stress, the complaints and gripes, the heat or the lack of ethics.

I want to talk about better things.

The sun setting over the city of Baltimore from the Harbor.
Kind people who double check to ensure you a clear view and give you a chair.
The breeze off the water, blowing away the heat and humidity for a few blessed hours.
The giving of opinions just because they rhyme.
Accordians, banjos and mandolins.
Emmylou Harris' voice, cutting through the bands of time and race.
Thanking her for helping me embrace my own name - Emily Louise.
Notes drifting across the water.
Couples slow dancing next to the grass.
Emmylou bringing her rescue dogs on stage at the encore. 
Proud declaration of age (64 and she's still going strong!).

And -

Encouragement from friends.
A fully corrected new license.
The word(s) "dirigible plum".

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