Presidential Anagrams

So way back during the 2008 Primaries, Brotherhood 2.0 did a post involving anagrams of all the candidates, and I may have come close to peeing my pants.  Seems like a good idea to do it again!  Some may be repeats, but I can't remember what the originals were without searching the original vlog.

GOP 2012 Candidates:

Mitt Romney
Mime, Not Try (Could be good advice for him)
Metro Minty

Michele Bachmann (so many good results, here is a sampling) -
Mice Lab Henchman (scary)
Enhance Ham Climb
Machine Man Belch

Hermann Cain (who the heck is this?) -
Near Man Inch (dirty)
China Manner

Ron Paul
Lunar Op
Newt Gingrich
Retching Wing

Tim Pawlenty
Talent Wimpy

Rick Santorum
Romantic Rusk (I think not)
A Scrotum Rink (BAHAHAHA)

Jon Huntsman
John Man Nuts

Sarah Palin
La Piranhas
A Harp Snail

Oh and I did decide to search the original after all.  Hope you enjoy, and if you are voting in the GOP primaries, I hope this sways your voting choice :)

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