Thursday's Things

What a week it has been!  There have been many ups and several downs (heat exhaustion, sleeplessness, jury summons...) but more than all of that I have seen God's Grace in action.  It really doesn't get much better than that.

Long girls weekends.
The scent of Magnolia.
Todd getting an amazing new job and preparing to move down in 2 weeks (!!!).
Full bike tires.
Guys in Viking horn hats.
G-chatting and emailing with friends.
Summer dresses.
Country music.
Tadpoles turning into frogs.
Baby birds.
Accolades at work.
A top to bottom cleaning and decluttering of my house.
Rides in cop cars.

I'm getting ready for a long weekend of celebrations, studying and visiting family.  And hopefully a lot of sleep!  Goodness I need it.