Thoughts on a Tuesday

Blow Away by A Fine Frenzy may be my theme song.  Seriously, I rock out to it.  I was going to be Alison Sudol's character from the video for Halloween but couldn't get the shirt and vest together in time.

I still have the wings I bought for the costume hanging in my kitchen.

Family is a wonderful and painful thing.  They were here this weekend and it was wonderful; a serendipidous Friday with free coffee, the National Aquarium and $.25 pierogies; long naps lasting from Sunday afternoon into Sunday night; lots of mom cleaning; many meetings.  Another part of my family (if I can call them that - I will regardless of what anyone else wants me to say) is struggling and my heart breaks that I can do nothing to help them.

I have spent half the day either wearing one or no shoes.  The beautiful chestnut leather and near-bit-buckle called these Cole Haans to me when I found them in a consignment shop a few years ago.  Unfortuately the previous owner must have had one big foot and one normal one, making the left shoe fit despite they being 9s and me wearing 10s, and my hopes that the right foot would stretch have yet to be fulfilled.  Therefore, it hurts to wear them and, forgetting this when I put them on today, I just decided to go without.  Probably less than professional.

Today is Fat Tuesday.  Which means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  Which means Lent.  I haven't been Catholic in about 13 years, but still always feel drawn to the Lenten season and the traditional fasting from something.  This year I think I am going to give up snacks at work (if you worked with me, you would see it's a serious problem), meaning all that is for sale plus the candy jar.  In an attempt to ease into it, I brought baby carrots and almonds with me today.  So not the same.  I might try to find an early AW service tomorrow (7:00 anyone??).  It's the only holiday I really want to go to Catholic Church for, even though I loved the service at the Gallery last year.  Can anyone else relate to that??

I just got a text message that said "Just wanted you to know that I think you are amazing and I love you".  Can we really ask for anything much more than that??

This is awesome.