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It's 9:45, I just baked a quiche and really need to put some clothes away before I [attempt] to hit the sack early[ish]. 

While taking a peak at the Fine Frenzy FB page, Allison Sudol had a post a couple of days ago that has really stuck with me this week.
i know these are kind of basic tips, but it's amazing how paying attention to the little things help. little bits add up to a lot.
I've tried to hold true to that this week.  And it's made the week more bearable, when so many of the past few were hardly that way.  
 For instance.  Today:
The cat did not present with any unusual problems at the vet.
 I laughed my behind off at pictures from last year's formal and got excited for the one 2 days from now.
I found a parking spot close to home.
Mom sent kitchen mail.
Remembered to bring the recycling home!
Delighted in British Victorian Drama.
Had a serendipitous moment with this lady
Wore my knee high brown leather boots to work.
Made quiche.
All things that when added up made me smile and have a good day.  Each on its own may seem insignificant, but have touched me in a particular way, and perhaps those around me.  Even as simple as "there were no major injuries on site today."  When things seem to be going poorly, take each little thing and add it up at the end of the day.  You might be surprised.   
via Sweet Emilia Jane

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