Thursday's Things

Thanks to Cassie for the idea of this post!  I haven't been posting much (at all??) because I've been trying to minimize computer time at home since I am on one all day at work.  However, since all my blog sites are now blocked at the office (not that I go on during the day....) I'm taking the time to read at home.  It's actually been lovely; no rushing to get through each one in less than a minute.

Little good things of the day:

Receiving notice that my application has been accepted to sit for my licensure exams in June.
Being done for the week on a Thursday.
Fresh mushrooms and spinach.
New country music.
Phone call with mom.
GroupOn for yoga.
Blog posts that make you stop and think.

Cheers!  I'm off to finish the dishes, make a second attempt at homemade Thin Mints and watch Grey's.  Because.  I. Can.

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