Kitchen Smores

It was planned to be a delicious night.  Woodstove, mound of blankets on the floor, loving man, smores.  Perfect end to a lovely three-day weekend of country music and line dancing, friends, card games and T-rex arms, Belgian and craft beer, long naps and lazy mornings.  However Mother Nature had other ideas, including 4-8" of snow between the I-95 corridor and the Pennsylvania mountains, ending the weekend early and sending TL back to PA to beat the snow.  After 73 degrees on Friday, who would expect snow??  Good thing we dallied at Oliver's and caught the evening news.

So rather than a romantic evening with smores roasted in and assembled by the woodstove fire, I did the next best thing on my own.

The quinticsential smore ingredients.
Indoor smoring calls for forks over branches.
Tonight's fire brought to you by the color blue.
Ready or not...
The wings of fire.

Roasting, kitchen style.
Adding the necessities.

The roasting over the burner didn't quite provide the melting quality necessary for the proper smore

Arghm.  Munch.
Until next time, my smores, when we can do this up right.

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