Today was better

Indeed.  Sometimes I don't post anything because I just can't give up the time it takes to do so.  But this lady opened my heart today by hearing about her life and the seemingly little thing I did to impact it.  It's hard to explain what it is about this medium, but there is a connection that occurs with people we have never met that we may not have with those physically present in our lives.  I did write about it sometime in the early days of this year, as another blog response, and maybe I should go look it up.  It is saved (on my work computer I think).  But beside the point right now.  I am rambling (happens quite a lot!).

Things that got me through today:
- Having backup.  Today was my boss, helping sort through the issues that have been causing me major anxiety at work, not by maliciousness on anyone's part, but more by lack of understanding and patience.  One day at a time.
- TL.  That man keeps me going, whether he is present or not.  2 more days!
- Harry Potter and my cat.  No, not a new book title, but the combination of the two with my bed as a medium.  The only way for some things to get better is learning how to relax.  Sometimes (most times) that means leaving this world for another.
- A lot of butter.  I'm working through some diet restrictions which includes a lot of flavorings and spices.  Since butter is apparently O.K., I am taking full advantage of being told to use butter.  God, I love butter.

So now that I've mellowed out a bit, time to do some work while watching Stardust.  Especially can't wait for this scene!!