Everywhere I look, there seems to bit a bit of melancholy resonating.  It has not bypassed my house.  I've been trying to sort out some medical issues and my body just does not seem to be cooperating.  To see if the medication I'm on helps at all, I've given up (temporarily) certain things that may be triggers or counter-effective.  Those include coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods.  With a friend's wedding coming up this weekend and a potential birthday celebration at a brewery in PA, we'll see how well I stick to that plan, regardless of what my body is telling me.    Do you ever just want to yell out "JUST LET ME FEEL LIKE A NORMAL PERSON AGAIN!!!"?  Clearly I do.

Trish-ica has been one of the few things I can count on everyday to make me feel better.  And that I can also count on to wake me up at 4:30am every day.  You can't have it all I suppose.

Tummy tickle!!
Even a photoshoot can't stop a wash.
Am I the only one who loves kitty paws??

She keeps me on my toes (or more often on my couch).  When I was growing up, the only excuse that could get you out of doing anything (dishes, setting the table, fetching random item) was having a cat on your lap.  I intend to maintain that tradition.  

~Feel the Warmth of a Cold Nose~
-via bumpersticker

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