Camera Woes

After 6 long years, my faithfully pathetic FugiFilm has finally bitten the dust.  Tempermental, difficult to use, greater and greater tendency to blur and/or orangify pictures, it has taken its last.  Alas, it was a remarkable camera, surviving many journeys and much abuse.  It has traveled the greater US, Europe, Central America, tailgates, horseback rides and frat houses. 

Ironically I was looking at new cameras yesterday, trying to price out a few, but was not planning on getting one for a month or so. With another trip to Vermont this week, it looks like a new one will be coming my way tomorrow.  Good thing I just got paid.

It was this morning that the Camera versus Coke incident took place.  When up against 10 ounces of diet cherry Coke in a purse, a veteran camera can't hold out.  Whatever mechanisms were holding on, are now fused with some form of not-sugar-y substance.

Thank you, camera, for your wonderful point-and-shoot skills that have helped me make many memorable shots.

Camera's last pictures at the farmer's market this morning...





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