Carbon Leaf

Ok, so I meant to post this about 3 weeks ago, but I've been super-lazy in uploading my pictures. 

!!!!!!! is really all I can say to accurately express my overwhelming joy at seeing Carbon Leaf.  It was the 4th show of theirs I've seen and the first time at a venue where I could stand up and ROCK OUT.  And can they bring it.

They are heading west next month.  If you live out west (Cali, Wash, Idaho) PLEASE do yourself a favor and go.

Top 5 shows ever.

(And I've seen a lot.  Included in the past month are James Taylor, Carole King and Phish.  The first two of which are also in Top 5).

Some Highlights:
Nailing the first 3 songs (Seriously.  We called them.  We kick ass.)
Barry carrying the mic stand all over stage with him.  And knocking it over.
Opening Miss Hollywood with Over the Rainbow.
All acoustic, no mics for One Prairie Outpost.
Lake of Silver Bells for their birthday dedication song (the show was originally scheduled for my birthday and LoSB is one of my favorite songs).
The Boxer.  Enough said.

And so many more.

This guy had some excellent footage of the show, including What About Everything.

Do check out some of his other videos.  They are excellent.

All other (not-so-good) pictures are mine!

Thanks to Aaron for my fabulous birthday present!!

PS- I met Barry!!

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