From the Journal...

May 31, 2010
Green Mountain National Forest

"I sat atop a mountain and contemplated THINGS.  Lady Slippers, orange squirrels that sound like cicadas.  The smell of campfire below.  Being in the treetops.  Lichen on rocks.  Golden moss burned from the sun.  Ripples on Lake Dunmore.  Blueberry growing in crevaces.

As I sat and contemplated THINGS, I thought about the weather, the chill that had not quite worn off from the night before.  The haze across the sky.  The ripple in the clouds mimicing the ripple across the water.  The wind dictating what the day would become.  The stillness of the world, yet with the hum of humanity below and the hum of nature surrounding.  Birds and squirrels and insects and trees.  Pen on paper.  How I am adding the hum of my heartbeat and breath and footsteps.  Even the dead wood provides life.  The rocks too are living, providing home, nutrient and structure."

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