Books for the Road

13 days until I leave for Vermont!!  1000+ miles round trip, 6 nights of camping, 2 nights of family, 1 half marathon and 4 books.

I am such a book nerd; I can't go anywhere without at least 2-3 in stock, regardless of where I am going or for how long.  Last night I determined the book list for the trip (with room to add a few more....)

I know I will have to add some Frost to the list, as I will be visiting the homestead.  For a road trip I feel like Kerouac is a must, and if that gets a little too heavy I can switch to the Kuralt.  Animal Dreams gives short stories that can be finished inbetween morning coffee and afternoon brew, and The Poisonwood Bible is the novel for sitting on the top of the mountain all day and losing time.

This nerd is super-excited!!

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