On Planting...

I learned some valuable lessons about the garden this week...Did I mention I've been working on a roof garden?  Well now you know.

#1 Labeling is good.  Radishes and microgreens look remarkably EXACTLY THE SAME in seedling form.
Radishes (I think)

Microgreens (I think)

I have a tendency to think I will remember everything, and then promptly forget before I can turn around.

#2 Drainage holes are for a reason.  We had torrential downpours on Sunday here in Charm City and my two newest containers turned into little mudpie makers.
post dumping of water.

Radishes are not supposed to look like this.

I salvaged the babies as best I could!

These seedlings are like my children.  I should not have any until I can keep plants alive.  Once my soil dries out (I've been draining every day....yeesh) I will replant.  For now they are living in a damp paper towel.

#3 Concerning the McQueens (wormy mcwormersons....): citrus = bad.  Plus I over-caffenated them.... perhaps that is why they were escaping?  

Ok, that's all for now!

PS - I may have consumed half a bottle of Riesling tonight....I love me some wine and good friends!

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