Lent Failure #2

I made two resolution for Lent this year.  #1 - giving up sweets.  I do this every year, and it's become almost a habit, albeit one I desperately need, as I can out-eat anyone I know when it comes to chocolate and cookies.  Z-E-R-0 willpower.  #2 - giving up non-essential spending.  GOOD LORD this is hard.  It is also very good to do, as I have lots of essential spending I have to do coming up...well kinda.  Depends on what you call essential.  Hotels rather than floors are - to me - essential. 


I broke down yesterday and bought this:

Found here.

Little Houses is having a winter to spring sale and I have been lusting over her handmade sweaters for months and months.  Could not resist!!!  And don't you have to take advantage of deals as well??  I'm not going to berate myself over it, just show lovelovelove to all the delights I will receive!

Have you given anything up?  How's it going?

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