"I will not retire while I've still got my legs and my make-up box."

I have a confession.
I love looking at my legs in the mirror, decked out in spandex, ready for a workout.
Narcissistic?  Not really.  Maybe.
Let me explain.

We women (and maybe some men) are so accustomed to looking at ourselves in the mirror and berating our bodies for what we perceive is wrong with them.  Legs too fat, too much tummy pouch, nose too small, arms too flabby, too many freckles, etc, etc, etc.....  Yea, we've ALL done it.  To ourselves, to our friends, to celebrities.  We work out, diet, growl at ourselves, work out some more and often fail to see any change.  I'm definitely included in there.

But recently when going to the gym, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I've been shocked at what I've seen.  My black running pants show off every minute muscle and curve, full of strength and purpose.  Runner's legs.  Rider's legs.  A strong woman's legs.  Legs that have run a marathon.  Legs that have riden horses bareback.  Legs that have lost all muscle tone after surgery and slowly slowly built it back up.  Legs that have kicked the boys who were mean in middle school.  Legs that have hiked the Appalachian Mountains.  Legs that have danced for 48 hours For the Kids.  Legs that I am damn proud of!

So I will proudly don those hot pink runner's spandex and take them out into the sun and hit the pavement.  And instead of wishing them to be something else, I will thank them for all the adventures we've been on together, and will continue for many years!

PS - Ok, I know the title doesn't make too much sense, but I just loved that quote from Bette Davis!