I laughed.
I sobbed.
I was disappointed.
I was elated.
I saw old friends.
I met new friends.
I felt desired.
I felt disposed.

I realized how much I have learned in the past year, month, day, hour.

I can be ME and nothing other than me.  There is no need to pretend. 

We get our prayers answered in the most extraordinary ways, that we don't even realize.  That we may never realize fully. 

I am going to keep throwing my heart wide open, because, like any muscle, in order for it to become stronger, you have to keep using itand allow it to hurt once in awhile. 

This Valentine's Day, I am celebrating everyone who has helped strengthen my heart, whether you know it or not.  I love you and thank you more than words.  There are not enough words in the world to tell you so.  Thank you.