ClusterFlake 2010

We have had SOOOOOO much snow here in Baltimore... there have been many charming monikers for it, but ClusterFlake is by far my favorite, taken via SL.  I can't even enjoy it much...back in State College, snow was fun.  It meant the possibility of canceled classes, movie days, and was plowed within a day - even side streets.  Here, the city has taken to dumping the excess into the Harbor (I know this sounds bad, but seriously it's gonna go there anyway and there is NO WHERE else to put it) and taking Canadian technology to melt it in giant dumpsters. 

Some pictures from the first 30+ inches (followed 2 days later by 24+ more...)

First sighting, around 4am
Trish says "no WAY am I going out there!" (the snow is higher than her)
My house in the snowy wonderland...
Sugar-coated candy houses!
One of the main roads in my neighborhood - more appropriate for a sleigh than cars.
Squirrel tracks, from the TINIEST squirrel I have ever seen, hanging around the pear try to get the last berries.
The REAL ClusterFlake...thank goodness I didn't park on this street!

Stay tuned for Seagulls in the snow!

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