What a Way to Start the New Year

Right now in Baltimore the wind is blowing at 40mph and it feels like 5 degrees (according to weather.com - no exaggerations here!).
Kelly: "I thought it was supposed to be warm in Baltimore.  It's south."
My house is not much warmer.  Thank you baseboard heaters placed along the OUTSIDE wall of the house that has no insulation.  Enter wool blankets, down sleeping bags and an overweight cat.  And perhaps glass of port.

New Year's 2010
How did you get here so fast??

What a year it has been.  Probably the most challenging of my life.  Not the most difficult, but challenging bar none.  Began with a torn ACL (note to self:  do not try to resurrect basketball career after 7 years at age 24) and spent the next 5 months with a combination of crutches, many many braces, surgery and the naming of my new knee, and countless hours of physical therapy.  Outdoor classes in the arboretum on crutches, exams, weeks on end of not seeing my house until after 10pm, weeks on end of crying every day, 3 months of no sun, man troubles (or lack of man).
But I am stronger for it all.
It also brought learning how to accept help, visits and travels with old friends and family, a new (rented) house, new friends, a strong respect for myself and my abilities, trust for myself and my abilities, incredible gratitude for my family, newfound determination, fantatic music and concerts, a more developed knowledge of what I want to do with my life.

Best parts of 2009:
-Rebounding from knee surgery and getting back to 10mile runs within 6 months.
-Friends, friends, friends, friends.  My fabulous, fantastic friends.

Resolutions for 2010?
-Spend more time in and getting to know Baltimore
-Take more pictures
-Break 2 hours in the half marathon
-Further my friend relationships (call, write, listen, be)

I have definitely grown this year.  Found some wonderful new things.  Attended some beautiful weddings.  Saw some beautiful parts of the country. But for now, I will reminisce the past, love the present and dream about the future.  And that means a warm and cozy bed.

Stay warm wherever you are!