Numb as a Statue

The wind whistles through the cracks too numerous to count.  Window, door, counter, outlet, baseboard.  Old brick Baltimore rowhouses will do that.
Especially end houses with 12 windows.  (On one side.)
Too many for the baseboard heaters to compete with.  I fill the spaces between window and sill, 
door and frame with gauzy white fabric and packing tape.  Keep my earmuffs on, 
wrap in wool blankets and down sleeping bags, chug hot tea by the box.
(Tonight, however, called for beer.  Stress and weaning off of holiday cookies calls for beer.)
Break out the Mexican poncho.
Lock myself in the bathroom with a steaming shower and space heater.
Think (again) how I need to invest in a real pair of slippers.  As much as I love the leopard print, 
an incident involving falling up the stairs with a cup of coffee has called for a pair that I cannot slip out of.  Even Miss Patricia, who wakes me up before 6 every morning, stayed tucked under 
every layer of blanket near my knees until nearly 7 today. 

The only thing my house really seems to do is provide a furry feline and tone down the wind from 30mph to about 5. Perhaps some rugs on the hardwood?  Plastic to cover the windows?

I love the wind when I don't have to feel it in the winter.  Nothing is better than hearing the howl when you are tucked nice and warm with a good book, cup of coffee and a cat, just watching the trees blow back and forth.  Nothing is worse than sitting at your kitchen table and feeling the blow.  Well, ok, a lot of things are worse.  Indoor breezes just happen to not help the situation.

ANYWAY.  Any advice on keeping warm?  

Off to grab my cat and get under the down!


(PS! Post title from Zevon's The Wind.  Am certainly feeling Numb as a Statue right now!)