My heart feels so full today that I swear it might burst and shoot little rays of me all over the town and out into the county.  Part out of joy, part out of terror and fear.  Hopes and wishes and dreams and desires, friends and loves, cold and ice and warmth and sun and clouds, stillness and exhuberance.  Where to begin?  I want to let myself go, to throw my heart out in front of me, but I feel like it is on a a bungee and I don't know how - if I should - to just cut the line and let chance and fate sweep it away on the wind. 

Jumping in (to today, at least):

Does anyone know about Bolt Bus?  I just found out about this and am ECSTATIC.  A fairly nice bus with free wireless internet transports you from one Penn Station to another (Balto to NYC) for a round trip fare of $40.  $40????  It costs that much in tolls!  Anyway, this means that all the trips to New York I've been wanting to make for the past 2 years are finally going to begin to happen - which is where Excitement #1 of the day comes in.  Trip numero uno is happening first weekend of March!  Yippeeeeeeeee!

Excitement #2 comes in liquid form:

Don Q Coco. (Photo credits as well.)

Brought back from Puerto Rico from one of my coworkers.  It is so smooth and delicious that I want to cry when I take a sip.  This is not rum to be wasted on drunken nights and bastardized with carbonated products.  This is rum for savoring.

One thing people may not know about me is that I LOVE office supplies.  I tend to remember to order the things I need at work about once a year, HOWEVER this was the week they came in!  I have a clean new engineer scale, a shiney blue recycle bin, a pencil sharpener that does not sound like a small animal shoved down a garbage disposal, and, the best of all, a set of 10 multicolor highlighters.  EEEEEEEE!!!  Did you know highlighters came in so many colors??  I ran around the office showing off Excitement #3.
What a thing of beauty.

Excitement #4 is actually the LACK of something.  A friend and I were supposed to do a crazy race up in PA in two weeks, however the combination of holidays, two weeks of 30mph winds and working until 7 or 8 plus weekends is not very conducive to training, so we've decided to opt out this year.  Which opens the door for Excitement #5 - the potential of seeing the Pens play the Flyers.  Cross your fingers it will happen!  (And that the Pens will win.  Obviously.)

Friends are simply Excitement #6.

I stopped in Doubledutch yesterday looking for notebooks, and stumbled across Excitement #7:

Oh how I am drooling over this shoe from Pink Studios.

Please oh please let my car check-up be painless tomorrow so I can buy these shoes!

So then, back to the hard parts.....do I open my soul again, take my chances and risk it blowing away?  I'm not sure I want to risk the pain, but I also don't want to live with regrets - regrets that I never took a chance, never knew.  Never tried.  Never did more than hope.  I'd rather sweep stardust than ashes.

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