Porsche Cup

The parentals were in town this weekend and we decided to finally partake in that timeless horsey tradition, and attend the polo match. Possibly one of my dreams come true!! I must say that I expected more hats and less shorts, but perhaps I've just watched "Pretty Woman" too many times. Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, bright and sunny, low humidity.

If you've never seen polo played, it's a seriously intense sport. Think hockey, remove the ice, add 8 horses and a much heavier stick. Dad spent the whole time calling it like a soccer match. I don't know why more people don't go, other than the hefty drive outside the city. (For those of us who party inside the Beltway, it takes a lot to motivate going outside our little ring.)

BUT ANYHOO - This is SO worth it.

Good action.
Spectacular people-watching.

I wish I knew some polo cheers right now!!

Mallets raised high - it takes a LOT of strength for that!!

The winners got to take a Porsche home.

Gorgeous cloudy sky.

Divot stomping!

The parentals made their mark on the field.

This is my dad. He juggles. Even polo balls.

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